Be Different Be Yourself Professional PortraitsSet yourself apart from your competition with a great portrait that truly shows just who you are!  While a standard headshot might be fine if you are one of a number of employees representing one company or one brand, you need to stand out as an individual!

We’ve all learned that we need to differentiate ourselves in order to stand out, and it follows through in so many different areas of a professional life:

When you’re applying for a new job, you want your resume to be noticed more than the others;

When you need to make a speech, you want to be remembered for the great topic you presented;

When you’re presenting a proposal, you want yours to be the one that will make the sale;

And there are probably dozens of other scenarios you can think of when you’d like to be remembered “front and center” above others in a similar situation.

We’ve discovered that standard business portraits in a headshot pose don’t always do this for every person, and there are plenty of options available that would make a difference in their professional marketing image.

Let wePhoto show your friends and followers who you are!  Your photo creates an immediate impression when someone views your social media presence or your website. Here are some questions to consider:

What sets your portrait apart from the countless other profile pictures that your contacts will view?

Does your photo show that you care about your impression?

Does it attract customers or potential employers?

Think “outside the box” (or at least outside the portrait studio!) and consider some poses and locations that show who you really are and what you really do.

If you’re a coach and work with athletes all day, an indoor head-n-shoulders shot gives the impression of stuffy and unapproachable. But, a well-lit outdoor shot of you on the football field where you coach, or surrounded by a group of the kids you mentor, puts you in the environment and immediately changes your approachability and the perceived success of what you do.

This works the same in a business environment. An architect can look very formal in a formal indoor portrait, but take the portrait at a construction site with blueprints in hand and activity in the background, and now you’ve given the image that you know what you’re doing and can be relied upon and hired by someone needing your services.

Visit our professional portrait page to see examples of what we mean: CLICK HERE for Portrait Photography

We can help you put your best face forward and set you apart!  Be different from your competition!  Be Yourself!

Fall is a great time of year to update your photo!  wePhoto can help!  Call today and set up a session, for you or for the office!  We shoot on the location of your choice—we can even come to your office or arrange a studio or outdoor location.