Commercial Photography with PeopleHaving a great photo session requires hiring a great photographer AND communicating your needs and wants. Before you call a photographer, use the following questions to help your photographer create the best possible images to make you and your business look great.

How much notice do you need to set up a session? Ideally, you want to plan you session well in advance–it gives you and the photographer a chance to set the schedule and get a vision for how these photos will look and how they will be used. We prefer to have 1-2 weeks notice so that we are not squeezing you into a day that is already busy.

How much time should I set aside for the shoot? Don’t ever think that a photographer can walk into your office, snap a photo and walk out with the perfect shot. While we strive to create a natural look to your business, understand that setting up lights, spot cleaning and identifying the right location in your office takes time.

Will your shoot require space to set up? Whether a photographer needs space depends on the type of photo being taken. When we take head shots, we need several feet of space to set up lights and background to insure that your face is well lit and not distorted. High ceilings help a lot, too!

Will your shoot require access to a power source? Sometimes we need to use lights that require a power source. If that is an issue, we can work around it–we just need to know what we are working with ahead of time.

What is the best time of day to shoot exterior or interior shots of my business? Bright, sunny midday shots are generally going to be about the worst way to present your building. It may be that early morning or late afternoon provides the best natural light to show off your building. Let us work with you to determine the best time of day for your shots!

What should I wear? We often tell clients to avoid white and red. They just are not the best colors to wear for photos. It is best to avoid bright, wild patterns and even short sleeves.

How soon can you return the images to me? Make sure you check ahead of time to see how long it will take your photographer to return images to you. We have had times where the shots needed to be delivered immediately–we uploaded on site and burned a disk before we even left. Obviously, that is not ideal for anyone–but make sure you handle that before your photographer shows up to take the photos. I know some photographers require several weeks before handing over any images.

Who should be in the photo? This is probably the most important question. You want to have people in the photo who will represent your business in a positive light. Think about whom you are trying to appeal to. Don’t just grab someone from their desk and make them the model. This requires some thought, planning and discussion.

WePhoto Photography can help you with great Commercial Photography that can make an impact for your business marketing. Call Lad Strayer or Vicki Schmucker to schedule an appointment.