Holiday commercial photography takes on many different types of looks and venues. wePhoto teamed up with The Boulevard Market, and Classic Cabinets and Interiors to produce a Holiday dinner shoot for Lenawee Magazine.

Food PhotographyAfter Sue Van Fleet, managing editor for Lenawee Magazine, asked about the possibility for a holiday spread, we contacted Erika Aylward of The Boulevard Market to see if she’d be interested in collaborating with us. Erika plunged right in on the food side and invited Amie Pelham from Classic Cabinets and Interiors to work out the decorating aspect. Amie also brought in Martin’s Home Center to provide some of the serving pieces.

While we all saw the opportunity to highlight our own businesses with the project, we realized the importance of collaborating with others to make the project successful. For our part, we wanted to make sure that we were in a position to shoot the prep work involved—not just the finished product.

Our day started early at the Boulevard Market where we photographed the raw food. We sought to present the food artistically, but not stylized with unnatural products.

When the food went to the ovens, we headed over to Amie Pelham’s home where she had her dining room all decorated for Christmas—in September, to accommodate an early deadline for the magazine. Here we were able to photograph some of the detail shots, including the table settings, the gifts for guests, the beautiful buffet with appetizers and desserts.

Once dinner was served, we concentrated on the personalities of the people enjoying the festive atmosphere and the delicious food. We used a combination of natural light as well as our strobes to produce a natural look both to the food prep shots as well as during the meal.

Our goal with any holiday commercial photography shoot is to spend time getting to know our customers and their product so that when the time comes to make the photos, we are working together so that the final images do as much to enhance your brand as our own.

We were very pleased with the results in Lenawee Magazine (not to mention how happy we were to sample the meal! That’s just a perk for the job!). It is a great example of how businesses can work together to produce an excellent product.

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