Firemen Outdoor Business PortraitA quality business portrait shows your professionalism and portrays success if you choose the right image to use. Many are worried about the right color to wear, or even the right clothes that will present the best impression, but there are other things to consider when getting a new business portrait done. Here are some tips to help you think of different options.

Don’t limit your photo session to a studio.  Take your business portrait session outdoors this fall to take advantage of the scenic beauty or some other location that shows others who you are.  People want to connect with the person behind the business, so show yourself in a photo that helps them relate to you on a personal level, building their trust in you.

Have your portrait in a location that shows where you work – either inside or outside.

An inside portrait of a bank teller against a plain background depicts professionalism, but the same teller helping an elderly customer with individual care gives a more personal message that this teller is someone who can be trusted for guidance by that type of consumer.

The outside of your place of business helps to identify you with a familiar brand. There’s a big difference in showing a studio portrait of a school principal, vs. a casual photo of the principal outside the school, talking casually with a group of students.

Choose a landmark that your clients—or potential clients can relate to, and they may even remember you easier.  Let your choice of location help tell the story of who you are. Portraits don’t have to be stuffy or boring and they don’t have to be in front of a painted background.

Let wePhoto help you choose the right business portrait location for your personal branding!