Lenawee County Fair PhotographyIf you do a Google or Yahoo search for Street Photography you might be surprised what you find. It won’t be pictures of streets or building landscapes, but rather people just being people out in public.

A commercial photographer usually carries a lot of equipment, but the street photographer is usually someone who tries to be very non-descript. No bright colored clothing, tripods or camera with big long lenses. Just blend into the crowd with a small camera and shoot away, looking to capture that very telling moment where you don’t need many words to describe to a viewer what is going on.

Street photography isn’t commercial photography except for a select few. It’s more about being a people watcher and documenting life with your camera.

I’ve had a passion for street photography for years. Unfortunately for me, I get my street photography fix looking at books and surfing websites. Living in a small community just doesn’t lend itself to many opportunities. Maybe someday when I’m less focused on commercial photography.

I recently had a great experience walking around the Ann Arbor Art Fair, which has the feeling of the streets of New York City. Best of all though, was the Lenawee County Fair. For our community, this is one time all year when there is a whole week of things going on where it brings lots of people together. The one time where I feel like I have a week to shoot street photography in my hometown. After that, it’s back to helping others look great for their business, with high-quality portraits and commercial photography.